Jewish social network that does not let go

Today, Jews can be found all over the world. They live in Israel, the USA, Canada, in the post-Soviet space and in other countries. All these people are united not only by a common history and cultural values. All of them – A large family that needs a cozy, home-like atmosphere for communication. The Russian-language Jewish social network comes to the rescue. From Los Angeles to the Far East, fellow countrymen can find fellow countrymen on the Jewish site

What gives a Jewish social network to users

  • Social as well as business communication between fellow countrymen;

  • new friends;

  • search for relatives and friends in other countries;

  • familiarization with the culture;

  • familiarity with the traditions of Israel;

  • maintaining family relationships;

  • search for couples and potential spouses;

  • Familiarity with the history of the people and individual families.

Why a site with Jews you will be interested in

Registration and use of the site is free of charge. Here, the Jewish community exchanges messages, videos, and audio files. The interface allows you to add new photos, mark your friends and relatives on them. Tracking the life of fellow countrymen, falling in love, boasting about your own achievements has become easier and more convenient.

The indigenous people of Israel, recently moved future citizens, compatriots abroad and those interested in Jewish culture, will always be able to ask for help, find their soul mate, work, friends, or just chat on the Jewish portal friend with friend.

Russian Jews and Jews of the world of different ages, professions and views have found a new communication tool within their historical community. The sons of Abraham, native Israelis, halachic Jews, Jews, Olims, Hyerets, and Hera gathered under the common roof of Israel’s new social network . Communicate, learn your roots, share experiences and spend time in a pleasant conversation.